Checklist for Comprehensive Post-Construction Cleaning and Scope of Services

Checklist for Comprehensive Post-Construction Cleaning and Scope of Services


Before moving in furniture, office equipment, decor, or the instruments that may be used for the inhabited businesses or commercial setting, the entire building must be cleaned after construction is complete, regardless of the size of the structure. You don’t actually believe you would move in that way, do you​? Many people have the misconception that all that is required to clean up a construction site is a quick pass with a brush. Well they are wrong. Still, here is when you should give everything a thorough scrub if not your attention.

Scope of Work

Since there is only the building itself to clean, many people may assume that cleaning up after construction is a breeze. However, before moving in furniture and other necessary equipment, a complete cleaning of the entire building is essential. In general, you should dust everything and clean the walls, ceiling, and light fixtures. Similar considerations should be given to the baseboards, window and door casings, and other trim throughout the house. It’s also important to scrub the floors. Carpets should be vacuumed and, if necessary, professionally cleaned. It is also important to clean and shine any hard flooring. Cleaning the building’s exterior is an important step in getting it ready for the arrival of furnishings and other equipment.

Commercial Restroom cleaning procedure

There will always be a location for people to use the restroom, regardless of whether the building is intended for residential or commercial use. It is necessary to clean and polish the flooring and walls in the bathroom, as well as remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated there. In addition to the sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, the mirror in the bathroom needs to be cleaned as well. However, it is imperative that the facilities have the basics like toilet paper and paper towels available for use by patrons. The soap dispensers ought to have a healthy supply of soap, and the rest of the supplies ought to be in good order as well.

Office Kitchen and Break-room Cleaning

In any commercial establishment that provides services to the general public, the kitchens and break rooms should be held to the same stringent standards of thorough cleanliness, attention to sanitation, and stocking. The kitchen and the dining room both share the same characteristics.

Custom Deep Cleaning Services

Depending on the sort of structure that has been recently erected, different surface materials may be used, as well as different cleaning procedures may be required. Employing the services of a specialized cleaning company, on the other hand, is the only way to ensure that the project will be finished to satisfaction. Before stocking the building with necessary equipment for the enterprise, it is absolutely necessary to give it a thorough cleaning. In addition to picking an experienced post-construction cleaning service, look for a janitorial cleaning service that can be hired on an ongoing basis, or find a company that can handle both types of cleaning. You should not worry because the unique requirements of your building and those of your company will be met by the cleaning service you hire.


Accountability in the form of analysis of work is achieved through the detailed coverage of services provided during the cleaning process and the decomposition of occurrences into procedures.

Why is Post-construction cleaning important?

Why is Post-construction cleaning important


Before, during, and after construction, only professionals should clean the site. Only expert cleaning service providers can remove building waste like nails and screws, tiles and wood, cigarette butts and other garbage, dust, and dirt from every surface.

Post-construction cleaning is essential since you cannot live or operate a business in a filthy environment. Hiring construction cleaning services saves you time, effort, and energy that you could be using to unpack and arrange your possessions.

1.     Safety

Sites under construction or undergoing restoration may be hazardous. Professional cleaners are outfitted with the right boots, helmets, and other safety equipment so they can work efficiently while being safe. Avoiding slips, falls, rough edges, and sharp nails is essential. Construction site cleaning businesses with experience have the equipment, supplies, and tools required to efficiently gather trash and waste.

Newly completed projects produce a lot of dust, which, if not properly cleaned up, might lead to respiratory issues. The strong chemicals used to clean floors, carpets, tiles, and other surfaces can potentially cause health problems if the proper safety measures aren’t performed. Allow skilled and knowledgeable cleaners to handle the cleaning.

2.     Time-Saving

Whether the construction was residential, commercial, or industrial, move in as quickly as possible. Construction can disrupt your home or business, so attempt to minimize disruptions. Working with experts speeds up the cleaning process so you can resume normal activities.

During or after construction, site cleaning is a complicated task that should be done by professionals. The disposal of construction waste, from nails and screws to mounds of tiles and lumber to cigarette butts and other trash, requires the knowledge of skilled cleaners.

3.     Cost Efficient

Hiring another contractor when you have a restricted budget may seem counterproductive. Professional cleaning services cost more, but their thoroughness and efficiency are worth it. A construction site cleanup costs a portion of the total project cost. Cleaners work quickly.

A cleaning contractor’s fee depends on the job’s size, resources needed, and location or distance of construction trash hauling. You still save money on cleaning materials, gear, supplies, and equipment, as well as the difficulty of finding imaginative ways to reach every nook and cranny, the correct cleaning materials, and waste disposal places.

4.     Hidden Mess

Since you haven’t had any formal training in cleaning and lack experience clearing construction sites of clutter, you probably won’t know where to look for problems or how to clear them once you do. Clearing away dust and grime from areas where it can be easily seen is a simple task. However, if you don’t pay attention to all the obscure corners, you could miss a lot of dirt.

Expert construction site cleaners will know exactly what to use on each surface, and will have access to everything they need to get rid of any stains that may have occurred. The experts will make sure that everything is taken care of.

5.     Proper waste disposal

The varied nature of construction site trash can make it challenging to manage without training and experience. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, are well-versed in the proper disposal of all manner of trash, whether it’s destined for recycling or the landfill, and can guarantee that it will be dealt with in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances.


The goal is to have the best-looking result, whether it is a new construction or a rehabilitation. Construction cleanup removes dirt, debris, and waste from the site and gives it a polished appearance. Professional construction cleaning services can help you save time, money, and energy while also increasing safety. Every construction project, whether new or restored, strives to be the best it can be. Before completing a room, dust, grime, and garbage from construction must be cleared. A skilled construction cleaning service can help you save time, money, and effort while also improving site security.

3 Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning

3 Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning


The region becomes progressively polluted with dirt, dust, and other particles as Construction activities progresses. Because of the notorious filthiness of building sites, many homeowners prefer to temporarily relocate while their houses are being restored. Let’s be honest: they’re not pros, are they? This is logical given the nature of the firm and the constant foot traffic. If staff cleaned as they worked, the contract timeframe would be doubled. Rather, they are planning a cleaning when the project is completed. The cleansing processes and their various faces;

Phase one: Rough Cleaning

The next phase is to install the building’s plumbing and electrical systems after the building’s framework has been established. The bigger objects, such as garbage, waste, residual materials, and other things that can’t be vacuumed up, are now the first things to be eliminated. The vital component in the procedure is this step. When we are through, we will clean and vacuum the area briefly. While this process does not entail cleaning the glass or the wood, stickers on windows and doors are also removed at this time.

Construction Cleaning

Phase two: Light Cleaning

This step of the post-construction cleaning process involves the most time and effort, as well as the most cleaning supplies and equipment, in comparison to the other two phases. Particular attention is paid to the maintenance of rooms that provide obvious functions, such as kitchens and baths. Sinks, toilets, windows, and cabinets are among the installed components that receive an in-depth cleaning here. Also cleaned are the windows. Customers employ cleaners so they don’t have to perform the task themselves at this time, which is one reason why they do it.

When Clients choose Progressive Cleaning, you can feel confident that not only these areas, but also the vast majority of the interior surfaces, including the air ducts, will be given the utmost attention to detail during the cleaning process. This is something that you can be sure of when you make your selection. During this phase, we also take care of cleaning up the places where the stickers were previously placed. This involves removing any residue left behind by the stickers. These kinds of sites include, amongst other things, glass portions, windows, doors, and walls. When we’ve finished with this part of the process, we’ll be in a lot better position to start taking on customers.

Phase three: Final Cleaning

Last but not least is the process known as Final Cleaning or Touch-Up Cleaning. Since dust and filth may continue to settle for a while after the second phase, the cleaning staff schedules this to occur many days later. Cleaning up the remaining smudges, fingerprints, and other defects from the previously cleaned regions is the fastest and shortest part of the process.

When construction is finished, the cleanup process that follows can take several days’ worth of hard work to complete. For a construction company with a lot of other projects going on, this is not a simple task to supervise. Building personnel already have enough on their plates without having to worry about having to sanitize the work site once it has been completed. As a result, it is strongly suggested to use the services of knowledgeable cleaners, whether done through the construction contractor or on an independent basis.

Some clients may be tempted to forego hiring professional cleaners in favor of doing it themselves if the construction contractor does not provide additional cleaning services. If customers are in charge of cleaning instead of experts, they can forget about the building’s interior and any other secret areas that the general public has no awareness about. The potential danger to the health and safety of the building’s occupants makes this unacceptable.


Post-construction cleaning is time-consuming, as the three steps show. No normal construction staff could handle this. Professional cleaners are trained and equipped to execute a thorough service. On a building site, it’s best to be cautious when risk is present.

Best Vacuums for Post-Construction Cleaning

Best Vacuums for Post-Construction Cleaning


You have undoubtedly been through enough renovations to know how nasty they can get, which is why you are probably considering purchasing a vacuum cleaner that is specifically made to deal with builder’s dust. If you haven’t already, you should really get on that.

It’s probable that your standard vacuum cleaner won’t be able to manage the fine dust that goes into every crack and crevice, as well as the larger detritus like rubble and offcuts that can be left behind when you renovate your home or have builders come in.

The most effective builders’ dust vacuums may also contain wet features, which enable you to deal with any spills or drainage difficulties that may develop during a rebuild without having to resort to a separate appliance. This saves you time and money over having to purchase a second appliance.

Post-Construction Cleaning

It is crucial to highlight that the majority of these vacuums are also well-suited to domestic life once the restoration is complete. This makes this investment helpful not only for getting through the chaos of building but also for the future.

1.      Henry HVR160 Vacuum Cleaner

Henry is a well-known brand of vacuum cleaners, and he is also more than just a style symbol; he is a reliable and straightforward appliance, perfect for a construction or remodeling site. You can easily suck up even the largest bits of garbage thanks to the powerful suction and variety of attachments.

The HVR160 is a more portable model that weighs less than the other Henry vacuums while maintaining the same suction power and 10-meter cord. The Henry HVR200-11 vacuum cleaner, for example, has a larger dust bag than this one does at 8 liters, but the capacity of this one at 6 liters is more than adequate for most homes. In case you run out, grab some extra dust bags.

2.      Karcher WD4 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher’s WD4 vacuum is made to clean up dust, heavy rubble, and spills that a regular household vacuum wouldn’t be able to pick up. It’s a great cleaner to have on hand at your construction site because of the wide range of attachments it offers and the fact that they can be conveniently kept on the vacuum itself.

The Karcher WD4 boasts a big 20-liter capacity and a clever filter system that lets you switch between wet and dry modes without having to change bags, unlike many other vacuums.

This model’s cord is shorter than average at 5 meters, and its larger size makes it more difficult to store, but it’s ideal for use in a garage or similar space.

3.      Vacmaster Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 20L

This Vacmaster wet/dry vacuum is one of the best for builders’ dust. It’s a powerful and sturdy vacuum that can compete with Henry and the others on this list, plus it has some cool extra features.

The blower function can be used to blow leaves and pump up air mattresses – a pleasant feature, but not essential for your project. We think all DIY vacuums should have a power switch.

A power take off socket is where you can plug a power tool (such as a mitre saw or drill) to switch on the vacuum cleaner. Connect it to reduce dust, sawdust, and debris and avoid a costly cleanup.


It’s no easy effort to clean up after a major do-it-yourself project or home remodeling. It’s important to bring things back to normal as quickly as possible so you don’t have to worry about coming home to a dusty, dirty construction zone. With the help of a high-quality vacuum, you can conquer this obstacle. Purchase of either of the brands recommended will ensure your experience does not suck!