Your big event is right around the corner. You’re ready, the event is ready, but your carpets definitely aren’t.

Your guests will be up to their knees in dirt before they’re halfway through the door!

But what is the best way to clean carpets so that your guests can practically eat their dinner off them?

Grab your tools and read on.

The Right Tools for the Job

A regular household vacuum cleaner probably isn’t going to cut it for your entertainment venue.

With all the foot traffic you’re expecting you will need to wash the carpets as well, which rules out commercial-grade vacuum cleaners.

The alternative then is buying or renting an industrial cleaner, although these can be extremely pricey.

In addition to a vacuum, you will need to wash the carpets and that requires cleaning products. These include pre-treatment, detergents and de-odorizing chemicals to ensure the long-term health of your carpets.

How Much is Too Much?

It’s easy to overestimate the materials you will need to clean a large surface area. This is never truer than when it comes time to add water.

While it might seem sensible to remove those stubborn stains with a good soaking, over-watering a carpet can cause more harm than good. This might result in discoloration, shrinkage, or worse, carpet mold.

The same is true of carpet shampoo and cleaning chemicals. Too much and you risk a build-up of soap. Not enough and those tough stains simply won’t come out.

The Best Way to Clean Carpets

Much like mowing the lawn at a big sports stadium, the right technique when cleaning your carpets makes all the difference.

Cleaning & Maintenance Management (CMM) have their own advice on the right way to vacuum. They recommend prioritizing areas that often see the most foot traffic, such as funnels, transition areas, and pathways.

They estimate that it takes 17 minutes to clean about 1,000 square feet using a conventional vacuum cleaner. This means if your facility is 10,000 square feet you’re looking at over 3 hours of vacuuming. That sucks.

Hire a Professional

Ultimately the best tip might be to save yourself some elbow grease and speak to someone who knows what they’re doing.

There are many specialists out there who make a living ensuring your carpets look as good as new.

HomeAdvisor even admits in their recent article that mistakes are practically inevitable with some do-it-yourself approaches. They state that while the do-it-yourself approach is often cheaper, it is rarely as effective as professional cleaning.

A Spotless Finish

Cleaning your carpets doesn’t have to be a thankless job. In fact, by hiring a professional it doesn’t have to be a job at all.

For entertainment venues big and small, leave it to someone who knows the best way to clean carpets.

Does your entertainment venue or workspace need a clean? Need a professional to get the job done right?

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