About Cityscape Solutions

Founded in 1986, Cityscape Solutions (formerly Cityscape Maintenance Group) has grown by leaps under the leadership of founder and CEO Cecil Byers. Cecil is a serial entrepreneur who has built the business on the principles of integrity, innovation and respect for employees, the community, and the environment.

The firm originally focused on final construction cleaning, commercial window washing and temporary labor but Cecil re-directed the focus of the business in 2002 to larger scale projects involving commercial and private venues like coliseums, arenas, stadiums, mega Churches, and office buildings.

Cityscape has been in the cleaning business for over 30 years and has come to be recognized for dependability, professionalism, and innovation.

Our Vision

The supplier of choice for those interested in ensuring the cleanest and healthiest environments for their customers and employees.

Our Mission

We collaborate with commercial & government sector partners to provide world-class, innovative & environmentally sustainable cleaning & maintenance services.

Our Promise

Everyone deserves peace of mind regarding the cleanliness of their environment, and we commit to ensuring it through our PLATINUM Clean promise.

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Innovation & Quality.

At Cityscape, we believe in the power of collaboration and are proud to have earned the trust of many prominent institutions, businesses, and organizations.

We look forward to continuing to bring our exceptional services to our clients.

Why Cityscape Solutions?

CityScape has been in the cleaning business for nearly 30 years and has come to be recognized for dependability, professionalism and innovation.

We believe in hard work and integrity and in the enhancement of our clients’ customer experience by providing hygienic business environments. Overall, we believe that profits should not only be measured in financial terms but also in environmental sustainability. Since its inception, CityScape Solutions has cleaned over 5 million stadium seats and an additional 2 million movie theater and we are not slowing down!