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Government Contracts

CityScape is trusted by a host of federal, state and municipalities for conducting a thorough and professional cleaning job. Our staff are thoroughly background checked ensuring the safety and security of sensitive locations. Our transparent business practices and systems make us an ideal fit for government institutions of all sizes.

Office Space & Commercial Cleaning - Services - Cityscape Solutions

Office Space & Commercial Cleaning

A clean and hygienic work environment significantly impacts the morale and quality of work produced by employees. CityScape has partnered with employers and managers of commercial establishments to provide a wholesome environment for the health and productivity of those who utilize those facilities.

Construction & Final Cleaning - Services - Cityscape Solutions

Construction & Final Cleaning

Contractors and builders often underestimate the cost and relevance of a thorough clean-up after construction projects. At CityScape, we understand the importance of ensuring that your work site is cleaned and prepped for viewing after construction because this can impact the sale price of property.

Arena & Stadium Cleaning - Services - Cityscape Solutions

Arena & Stadium Cleaning

On average, customers in stadiums, arenas and other venues can easily spend up to 3 hours in seats and spend anywhere from $30 – $200 per event. With that kind of spending, you want to ensure that your customer has the best possible experience to ensure repeat purchase. Cleanliness is the greatest factor in determining the length of time customers spend and how often they are willing to come back. This is especially true for families. CityScape ensures that your customers and their families will have the best experience in a hygienic environment.

Data Centers

Data Centers

Operations carried out in data centers require a lot of equipment and can generate a lot of heat. On top of this, data centers have many spaces where dust and dirt can accumulate and may lack specific controlled environment procedures and solutions that can limit contamination. Eventually, the build-up of uncontrolledparticles can affect the fragile equipment and the data center’s overall performance. For this reason, maintaining a constantly clean airflow in data centers is essential. At CityScape Solutions Inc., we are experts in cleanroom environments and can provide all the professional cleaning services your facility needs, controllingand eliminating airborne and other particles that can affect your data center’s security in compliance with international Cleanroom Cleanliness Standards.