Why Us

CityScape Solutions Inc. provides innovative maintenance and cleaning solutions for large commercial or private venues. In addition, we service small to medium sized projects involving landscaping, building construction clean up and other related projects. We believe in helping all our customers to attain a state of PLATINUMCLEAN TM in the most environmentally friendly manner.

We take a customized approach with every customer to ensure that their unique business challenges are adequately addressed. We value relationships! We develop proprietary environmentally-friendly green cleaning products to ensure that there is minimal adverse effects on humans and negative impact on the environment.

Why Cityscape Solutions?

CityScape has been in the cleaning business for nearly 30 years and has come to be recognized for dependability, professionalism and innovation.

We believe in hard work and integrity and in the enhancement of our clients’ customer experience by providing hygienic business environments. Overall, we believe that profits should not only be measured in financial terms but also in environmental sustainability. Since its inception, CityScape Solutions has cleaned over 5 million stadium seats and an additional 2 million movie theater and we are not slowing down!