When you start cutting into drywall, ripping up floors, and pulling out old materials, then your construction project can get really dusty very quickly. It can feel like every surface in the building is covered in varying layers of dust and debris.

Once you’re done with your project, the first thing you want to do is break out the broom and dustpan to clean up some of the mess. But getting into all the nooks and crannies isn’t as easy as it seems. You may find dust lurking in corners for months after completing a construction project.

That’s why we pulled together these helpful tips for after construction cleaning to ensure a clean space after your most recent project.

Remove Construction Debris

Once a construction job is complete, you’re bound to find items littered around the worksite. You will need to pick up items like water bottles and burger wrappers as well as dispose of construction materials properly like paint and vanishes.

Wash the Walls

One of the items on your post construction cleaning checklist should be washing the walls. It’s important that you realize that even if your walls look clean, they are likely coated in a layer of dust. By washing your walls, the whole room will have a much more fresh feel.

Wipe Debris from Surfaces

If you’ve been asking yourself how long does it take for dust to settle, then you most likely need to wait a little longer before wiping the surfaces around your construction project. Generally, twenty-four hours should be long enough for even the finest particles of dust to get out of the air.

Vacuum and Clean Your Carpets and Upholstery

Hiring someone for cleaning services can ensure your carpets are as clean as possible. This is important because some people are allergic to dust and can be affected by construction debris.

Replace Air Filters

Dust not only settles on surfaces, but it also floats in the air. Make sure that you take the time to replace the air filters in your home or business after a construction project to ensure the air quality stays good.

Pressure Wash the Outdoors

Pressure washing the outdoors around your home or business after a construction project ensures that the dust and debris have truly gone away. Be thorough with your cleaning and opt for pressure washing.

Clean Door Frames, Baseboards, and Blinds

Lots of times door frames, baseboards, and blinds are overlooked when people are cleaning up after a construction project. Make sure you are thorough with your efforts and get into all of the hard to reach places.

After Construction Cleaning Help

After construction cleaning doing the steps described in this article, there are bound to be some places you miss. Only a professional can ensure you have a one hundred percent clean space.

Contact us today to schedule cleaning services for after your construction project.