Did you know there are over 2 million janitors in America? That is a lot of professional cleaners, and you would definitely notice if a store or business didn’t have a janitor.

It’s important for business owners to keep a building clean, but you don’t need to do it yourself. You can hire someone to do the dirty work for you, literally.

But did you know there are actually different kinds of cleaning services? If you are trying to decide between hiring a janitor or paying for commercial office cleaning, then this guide is just what you are looking for.

Do You Need a Janitor?

First, let’s talk about janitorial services and what all the term includes. Janitors are usually hired for a regular job, or at least on a regular basis, such as weekly visits. Janitors take care of the everyday small tasks and cleaning around the office.

This includes cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the toilets, cleaning the breakroom or lunch areas, vacuuming the floors, and taking out the trash.

None of these tasks are things that you want to go long without. Just imagine going months at a time with nobody cleaning the toilets!

If you need someone to stay at your business and constantly tend to these simple but necessary tasks, then janitorial cleaning services are what you are looking for.

Do You Need Commercial Office Cleaning?

While janitors work for you often, sometimes on an everyday basis, commercial office cleaning services are usually something that only happens when necessary, whether that is once a year or a few times.

These jobs offer deep cleaning services that janitors typically do not handle. Examples include power washing the outside of your office, cleaning the carpets, cleaning furniture, and washing windows.

How is this different from janitorial cleaning? For example, people lose 1.5 million skin cells every day, many of which get ground into your carpets. A janitor can vacuum a carpet regularly to keep it looking clean, but there will still be some dirt deep down. Commercial cleaners do the deep scrubbing to make the carpet look like new again and get rid of all the hidden germs.

Deciding Which Services You Need

If you have a business, it is important to keep it clean, especially if you have a lot of customers in your building. If you just have a small office with a few employees, then you may not need the constant cleaning that large companies require.

If you have a large store with a lot of customers, you definitely want to maintain a clean facility. Other large businesses, such as stadiums and theaters, also require a lot of cleaning. Janitorial services are very important on a daily basis.

In either situation, you may want to consider having both kinds of services. A janitor can assist with bathrooms and other daily tasks. But if you schedule appointments a couple times a year with commercial cleaners, they will make sure the business always looks its best.

Hiring Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Now that you know the difference between janitorial and commercial office cleaning, you can choose what your business needs. At CityScape Solutions, we specialize in helping companies keep their workplace looking its best.

Whether you have a small office or a giant sports arena, we can perform any cleaning services. Just use our contact page to see how we can help you.