In North America in 2016, there were over one billion movie tickets sold!

Those who attend movies on a regular basis are key technology consumers. They own, on average, at least four types of technology products, such as a cell phone, computer, or tablet.

Tech-savvy moviegoers leave reviews of your theatre.

Make sure your patrons have a great experience visiting your establishment. A dirty concession area means no one wants to eat the food. Filthy bathrooms and sticky chairs earn bad marks with regular movie patrons.

A great crew of cinema cleaners helps you earn great reviews from your clientele.

Read on to learn more about the 5 things your cinema cleaners should be doing for you.

1. Make a Great First Impression

The first thing your patrons see is the front entrance and box office. Most box offices feature stainless-steel countertops and large windows. The ticket windows should shine and be free of streaks.

The counters should be fingerprint-free.

2. Clean Concessions

The concession area is like any commercial food-prep area. Food handling is only one aspect of cleanliness in this area. Safety is another. A great cinema cleaner uses the right equipment to keep the area clean and germ-free.

Safety is important in the concession area. Thorough cleaning keeps the area free of bacteria and germs. The food areas need sanitizing at the end of every day.

3. Auditorium, Carpets, and Seating

Cinema patrons don’t like their feet sticking to the floor when they sit down in the auditorium. The hard surfaces under the chairs need daily cleaning. The carpets in the walkways and auditorium need daily vacuuming and sweeping.

Carpets need deep cleaning at least once a month, but sometimes more depending on the weather. Summer brings higher foot traffic necessitating more cleaning.

Armchairs and armrests show E.coli, staph, and other germs when tested. These areas need cleaning once or twice a week.

4. Restroom Area

How often are your regular employees able to stock the bathroom with paper products? How often are the bathrooms checked to make sure there are no clogs?

Clean bathrooms set your theatre apart from most other theaters. An outside cleaning service cleans the bathrooms daily. The sinks, mirrors, and faucets should shine.

The soap dispensers should be filled daily. A customer should never walk into a stall and find it’s out of toilet paper.

5. Odor

Are there lingering bad odors? Good cinema cleaners keep all areas of the theatre clean making odor a non-issue. Odor offenders usually emanate from the garbage, restrooms, or concession stand.

Keeping these areas clean means no worries about bad smells that drive patrons away. But if there is a bad smell, the cleaning crew will find and get rid of it.

Cinema Cleaners Matter

It’s impossible for theatre employees to clean everything that needs cleaning.

From the floors to the bathrooms to the concession stand, a cinema is a big cleaning job. Outsourcing to cinema cleaners is the best way to ensure your theatre stays clean, sanitary, and odor-free.

Don’t leave the job to your busy employees. If you own a theatre, it’s time to find a great cleaning crew. Don’t wait, get in contact today!