When the big game ends, you head for the gate and probably don’t give the arena you’ve just left a second thought. That’s exactly the time our guys get busy.

Enter the stadium cleaners.

Their job may seem pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Here’s a run-through of exactly what they get up to after the party’s over.

First Stop – Take Out the Trash

The number one priority for the stadium cleaners is trash removal.

This is done systematically, with every cleaner perfectly executing their part in the big game clean up dance.

First, the work from top to bottom. Taking a section each, they sweep along each row. Some use a machine like a leaf blower to speed up the process.

They leave the garbage piled at the end, waiting for another crew member who will take it away. Keeping things green, this will be sorted ready for recycling or composting where possible.

Second Base – Hose Down Those Chairs

People come to the big game looking for excitement. Unfortunately, sometimes that spills over into…accidents.

Whether it’s vomit, drinks or something else, it’s simply not practical to wipe down every chair thoroughly after the game to sanitize them.

Instead, the game clean up crew bring out the big guns – or at least, the big sprayers.

They will hose down each chair with a high-powered spray and vac system. This allows the junk remaining to be lifted off and carefully removed. Depending on conditions a high-pressure jet washer may also be used.

The end result is a sanitized seat for the next excited sports fan!

Third Base – Tackle the Toilets

If you’ve ever headed to a game at your local stadium, you’ll likely know the kind of scene that awaits the cleaning crew after a big game.

A quick wipe and mop just aren’t going to do the business.

Everything, including all fixtures and fittings, need to be hosed down or sprayed and vacuumed. This is the only way to ensure a sanitary experience for the next users.

How Big a Crew Does It Take?

Cleaning a massive stadium or arena looks like a job for a small army.

Incredibly, an 80,000 seater stadium can actually be cleaned by a team of around 200 people.

The key is not the size of the team, but proper training, efficiency, and hard work. A crew that runs like a well-oiled machine methodically work their way through each process, and leave it gleaming for the next event.

The Bottom Line: All Hail the Stadium Cleaners!

They may be a small crew, but they sure do a mighty job.

The next time you’re enjoying the big game at the venue, give a thought to the hard-working men and women who make the game environment so pleasant!

At Cityscape Solutions Inc we know how important the cleanliness of your stadium or arena is to keep your valued customers safe and happy. Our experienced crew is ready to take on your project.

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